Posted on Apr 18, 2016 in News

Polls show that both Republican presidential candidates Donald Cruz and Ted Cruz are toxic with a whole range of voters and yes, even Republicans. I told the San Francisco Chronicle that this could depress the Republican vote up and down the ballot and motivate Democrats — certainly Latinos and certainly women to cast their ballot in November. A vote is a voice. Here’s an excerpt:

Trump, Cruz could cost GOP control of Congress, Republicans fear

By Carolyn Lochhead

…In the House, Republicans have a historic 247-188 majority, their largest since 1929, made all but impregnable by gerrymandering. Democrats need a net gain of 30 to make Pelosi speaker, a hurdle everyone considered out of reach — until it became clear that Trump or Cruz would almost certainly be the nominee.

“Congressional Republicans are entering uncharted and potentially dangerous territory,” wrote House analyst David Wasserman in the nonpartisan Cook Political Report.

“There’s no doubt Trump or Cruz could cause Republicans huge problems in heavily Latino districts,” he said. Those include San Joaquin Valley Republicans considered safe, such as Jeff Denham of Turlock (Stanislaus County) and David Valadao of Hanford (Kings County).

Denham and Valadao have proved their resiliency by establishing alliances with both conservatives and Latinos. But landslides can topple even entrenched incumbents.

California political analyst Tony Quinn wrote Friday that Trump “has the potential to totally remake California politics by costing a third to a half of all Republican incumbents their seats this fall, thus bringing to an end the two-party system in California.”

Rep. Xavier Becerra, a top House Democrat from Los Angeles, said polls show that “both Trump and Cruz are toxic with a whole range of voters,” even Republicans. That could depress the GOP vote and motivate Democrats, “certainly Latinos, certainly women,” Becerra said. “You animate them enough that they come out in numbers that you could only hope for in a change election.”

Veteran California Republican consultant Kevin Spillane agreed.”

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