From the Editorial Board —

Few positions are more important to Californians in this year’s election than the job of attorney general. In addition to being the state’s top law enforcement official and its most significant consumer advocate, the attorney general is the state’s most important defender against federal overreach on the environment, immigration and a host of other issues.

Thanks to President Trump and a Republican-dominated Congress, Xavier Becerra, California’s current Democratic attorney general, has been very busy.

“I consider myself a defender of California values,” Becerra said in a meeting with The Chronicle’s editorial board. “It’s important for us to show the rest of the country what can be done.”

Becerra has not hesitated to defend California’s values against the Trump administration. He’s brought 31 lawsuits against the administration, on issues ranging from the travel ban on people from Muslim-majority countries to the attempted rollback of fracking regulations on public lands.

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