By Dino Grandoni


“Here we are again.

On Wednesday, California filed another lawsuit against the Trump administration — this time concerning the repeal of an Obama-era rule regulating hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” on publicly owned lands. A coalition of environmental and tribal groups also sued this week to block the rollback of the fracking rule, which the Trump administration finalized on Dec. 29.

“The risks of fracking to our health and our environment are real,” Xavier Becerra said at a news conference Wednesday on the anniversary of his first year since becoming California’s attorney general.

And what a busy year it has been for the former Democratic congressman and chairman of the House Democratic Caucus. In 2017, California challenged the Trump administration in court at nearly every turn. With this latest fracking suit added to the list, California has sued the administration 26 times, according to the office of the attorney general.

That’s a dizzying pace of a new lawsuit every two weeks. While New York, Massachusetts, Maryland, Washington, Vermont, Oregon, New Mexico, and Connecticut have also challenged the Trump administration’s environmental deregulation proposals in court, California has filed the most lawsuits to date, according to the State Energy and Environmental Impact Center, which helps coordinate the efforts of state attorneys general.”

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